Erotic drag show for babies, children in UK sparks international outrage

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A London entertainment company that puts on events for parents and babies featuring scantily clad drag performers dancing provocatively has become the focus of intense international outrage.

The social media storm began when broadcaster Dominique Samuels shared video footage of a Caba Baba Rave event, in which adult men wearing little more than thongs can be seen cavorting and gyrating in front of an audience made up of adults and infant children.

One of the men is wearing tight black shorts and thigh-high stiletto boots while he twirls on aerial ropes. Another wearing just a thong and high heels perform an impressive balancing act upside down on a chair, leaving little to the imagination.

Samuels, who began her YouTube video by stating that she has no issue with the LGBT community, nor with drag when it is performed for adults, called the spectacle “absolutely abhorrent.”

“CABABABARAVE is an exciting new event for parents and their babies!” read the now-unavailable company website. A little slice of afternoon delight that provides show-stopping cabaret interspersed with captivating baby sensory moments.. ending in a RAVE.”

The company was started by “two performers turned mums,” Lizzie and Gemma, “who were constantly looking to be entertained whilst holding a baby in one hand and a pint in the other.. so CABABABARAVE was born.”