Eric Adams rips Supreme Court gun ruling, says New Yorkers now ‘less safe’  

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NY Post

Mayor Eric Adams led New York’s top elected officials in excoriating the US Supreme Court for overturning a century-old state gun law — warning at a Thursday press conference that “this decision has made every single one of us less safe from gun violence.” “There is no place in the nation this decision affects as much as New York City,” Adams said in response to the 6-3 ruling, which he added was “just not rooted in reality.” “The opinion claims to be based on the nation’s historical past, but does not account for the reality of today. It ignores the present and it endangers our future,” he continued. “If this ruling is implemented, the Iron Pipeline is going to be the Van Wyck, not the I-95.” Hizzoner vowed to do a “comprehensive review” of how to define “sensitive locations,” or places where carrying a gun can still be legally banned. He also promised to re-examine the city’s gun permitting process to ensure only those who are “fully qualified” can get a license.

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