Erdoğan latest threat to Greece: “Mitsotakis, if you make a mistake, the crazy Turks will come”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went on another provocative and delirious rant, unleashing threats against Greece, even addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakisin a direct way.

In particular, the Turkish president, speaking at the opening of an educational institution, made a special reference to the Greek prime minister, saying: “Look, Mitsotakis, you’re talking here and there again. Keep in mind that the Crazy Turks will come if you attempt to make a mistake.”

“(Greece) When you attempt to arm the Islands, will we be standing idle with our hands tied?” he added.

The special reference to the prime minister comes a few hours after Mitsotakis’ interview with the well-known CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria at the Davos Economic Forum.

Commenting on the Greek-Turkish developments, Mitsotakis predicted that “we will not go to war with Turkey, but in the last three years we have experienced many tensions and not only over Kastellorizo”.

We should be able to sit down with Turkey as reasonable adults and resolve our main difference, which is the delimitation of maritime zones in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean,” he underlined.


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