OK. Let’s run the timeline back from Epstein. This all started with what? It started with two years of falsely accusing Donald Trump of Russia collusion. It wasn’t sticking, but they thought they had him until the Mueller testimony blew up in their face. Mueller was seen to be an incompetent bumbling fool. That blew up.

What happened next? The Democrat debates. That blew up in their face when everyone realized none of them could win. They were all incompetent stupid leftist fools that belong at a university. What happened next? Overnight two mass shootings. What happened next? Epstein is found dead in his cell.

Are these pieces connected in some way? I don’t know. What do you think? To me there seems to be some connection. What might it be? Something’s wrong with this whole picture it just doesn’t add up. There’s a little line here of running through all of it and I can’t put my finger on it I don’t know what what’s going on here. It’s obvious that there’s something happening. They’re not disconnected. And don’t say ‘oh Savage, you’re going down the conspiracy road.’ If you kill a man in a jail with the whole world watching and say screw you to the world there’s something bigger going on.

Let me ask you this if this had happened under a Hillary Clinton what would be going on in the country today? They would be blaming her totally for trying to keep her husband safe from any consequences. But it happened under Trump. He’s the chief legal officer in the country. I’m not saying he has involvement at all. I’m saying something here is not right.

This country is economically stable but a social wreck and it is a society is totally wrecked. You don’t have been killed in a lock down. Do you know that El Chapo was in that jail? High ranking Al-Qaeda operatives responsible for the embassy bombings in Tanzania are in that jail. Others who stayed in that jail were Gambino crime family Bosses John Gotti and Jackie D’Amico, drug kingpin Frank Lucas, Ponzi scheme fraudster Bernard Madoff, and terrorists Omar Abdel Rahman and Ramzi Yousef.

Think about this. I mean it’s beyond comprehension right. They do an autopsy and no one knows the results. The warden doesn’t speak. The video cameras didn’t catch anything? The guards weren’t checking him every 30 minutes like they were supposed to if he’s on ‘special observation status’? They put him back in his cell weeks after he supposedly tried to commit suicide, even though he had what looked to be choking marks around his neck? They didn’t put him in the special jump suit they have which is designed to stop you from harming yourself? His cellmate left the cell, and was not immediately replaced per normal protocol? The decision to take him off suicide watch wasn’t approved by a program coordinator after a face-to-face evaluation?

This is like something out of the Godfather. It’s life imitating art. Anyone listening to me right now, anyone listening to this show, if you get in the hands of this federal prison this prison system. That’s it. You’ll lose or you’ll lose all power over your life.