EPIC! Facebook and Twitter Smack Down Pelosi’s Request to Delete Trump Video Meme of Her Tearing Up SOTU Speech

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The Gateway Pundit:

Tyrant Pelosi demanded Facebook and Twitter take down a very powerful TPUSA video meme tweeted by President Trump of her tearing up his SOTU speech.

President Trump tweeted out the video meme titled, ‘Powerful American Stories RIPPED To Shreds By Nancy Pelosi.’

The video, which can be viewed below, showed Pelosi ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech every time President Trump honored a powerful American story on Tuesday evening.

Pelosi pre-ripped the speech as Trump mentioned Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer diagnosis, proving she pre-planned the theatrical stunt.

Pelosi is an evil, calculating, witch and lashed out at reporters who suggested her ripping up the SOTU speech backfired.

The tyrant then demanded the video be taken down.

The Hill quoted Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill on her demand to take the video down.

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