Environmental protesters surround private jets at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, leading to delays, diversions

Hundreds of environmental activists stormed the fences at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Saturday, staging sit-ins in front of some private jets, preventing them from taking off for several hours.

This protest fell on the eve of the COP27 U.N. Climate Meeting in Egypt. Protesters with the groups GreenPeace and Extinction Rebellion sat in front of the landing gear while other protesters circled the planes on bicycles. A video released by the Telegraph on YouTube shows that many of those who sat in front of the planes wore white clothing while the bicyclists wore neon vests.

The EBAA was alarmed by the protests, posting on social media: “The activist demonstration lead to the grounding of aircraft and included a diversion of a medical flight bound for Amsterdam. Our sector flies up to 70 medical flights a day which save lives when not disrupted. Business aviation is responsible for only 0.04% of global emissions, the protest lacks empathy, is disproportionate and is completely unacceptable.”

The EBAA also tweeted about the protest but has since deleted it, telling GlobalAir.com that comments were getting too polarizing and that some staffers had received “hate mail” in their individual email inboxes. Comments for the Telegraph’s YouTube video embedded above have also been turned off.


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