‘Enjoy Your Last Days of Freedom’ – BBQ joint owner arrested for defying lockdown as mounted cops barge through supporters

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BBQ joint owner arrested, muzzled, surveilled for breaking into his own eatery to defy lockdown, as mounted cops barge through crowd.

A Canadian BBQ restaurant owner was arrested, detained for over 18 hours and then handed a slew of strict behavioral restrictions last week for the alleged crime of opening his business in defiance of equally strict coronavirus lockdown orders.

The only good news is that Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbeque, has since raised over $250,000 and counting via the fundraising platform GoFundMe. Assuming the platform doesn’t suspend him, it appears he’ll be OK.

According to reports, Skelly kept reopening his restaurant despite a lockdown order in Toronto prohibiting already financially struggling, embattled bars and restaurants from opening til at least mid-December.

“Skelly announced Monday night that he was going to open his Queen Elizabeth Boulevard location on Tuesday as a protest of a provincial order that bans indoor dining in Toronto for 28 days,” the Toronto Sun reported.

“Confusion reigned Tuesday after diners lined up and were able to dine inside while police officers watched. City officials announced they had closed the restaurant, upon receiving an order from Toronto public health chief Dr. Eileen de Villa — at 4 p.m., its normal closing time.”

After Skelly reopened once again, authorities announced nine charges against him, including “violating lockdown rules, operating without a business licence and breaching de Villa’s order,” and subsequently arrested him Thursday morning.

A video of him being arrested soon went viral.

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