English Labour Party: Teach children about ‘historical injustices’ of British Empire


Amidst fresh accusations of antisemitism, the far-left leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said that if elected he would force schools in the United Kingdom to teach what he called the “historical injustices” committed by the British Empire.

Jeremy Corbyn announced that, should he take the reigns of power in the UK, he would create an “emancipation educational trust” to establish a new national curriculum that would teach students about the “historical injustice, colonialism and role of the British Empire” and the legacy of slavery. He made the comments while launching the Labour Party’s so-called ‘race and faith’ manifesto on Tuesday.

Corbyn said that the “unbelievable levels of brutality” he claims the British Empire committed should be taught to children “all year round” and “not just in Black History Month”.

The proposed national curriculum would also focus on racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and black history.

“Only by acknowledging the historical injustices faced by our communities can we work towards a better future that is prosperous for all, that isn’t blighted by austerity and the politics of fear,” said Dawn Butler, the Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities.

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