Engineered Global Food Crisis? More Claims of Russia Deliberately Bombing Grain Silos


After weeks of claims about Russia deliberately sabotaging Ukraine’s food production and export infrastructure, the Ukrainian state has published images claiming to be just such an attack on food and energy equipment in the embattled east of the nation.

Images showing a burnt-out grain elevator and a shell-pocked steel warehouse were published by Kyiv state media Ukrinform on Wednesday, along with claims Russian forces had shelled both “a large grain elevator” and a power plant in the eastern Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, which borders Russian-occupied zones. A grain elevator is a key component of a silo, which carries the produce from ground level upwards for dry storage.

The report cited the head of the region’s council, Mykola Lukashuk, who sardonically noted — in satire of Russia’s stated war objectives — that the attack had successfully “denazified” the silo. More seriously, the politician continued: “They are shelling production facilities, on which not only Ukraine’s food security but the global food security depends”, adding that the attacks on civilian infrastructure were intended to cause terror.

According to oft-repeated claims about the progress of Russia’s war against Ukraine, strikes against food production facilities like grain silos are neither unusual, nor accidental. Indeed, it is asserted the strikes are part of a deliberate programme of engineering a food crisis by systematically attacking agricultural infrastructure in one of the world’s largest grain-producing nations.


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