‘ENDURING ABUSE’ – Andrew Cuomo’s ex-wife, RFK’s daughter Kerry Kennedy, ‘slept in locked bathroom when he was home during divorce’

The U.S. Sun:

“We tried to be gracious, but … it turned on his lack of humanity. That’s where I started to think, This is a bad guy. He’s just a bully,” one Kennedy sibling told Shnayerson about the family’s relationship with Cuomo.

ANDREW Cuomo’s ex-wife slept in a lockdown bathroom when he was home as the couple went through their divorce, it has been claimed.

Cuomo biographer Michael Shnayerson revealed the claims about Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, as the New York governor remains under fire after a slew of sexual harassment allegations.

The author recounted the allegations in a 2,500 article for Vanity Fair as he claimed the high profile Democrat has a history of “physical abuse”.

Cuomo’s spokesman dismissed the allegations as “false” and “tabloid fodder” in a response published as part of the lengthy piece.

Kennedy allegedly told the family that on “more than one” occasion she would sleep in the locked bathroom as the couple worked out divorce proceedings before their separation in 2005.

“I’ve been a human rights activist, and for women who have abusive husbands and here I am enduring this abuse,” Kerry told a friend, claims Shnayerson.

Shnayerson started work on his Cuomo biography, The Contender, in 2012 and published it in 2015 – and it was direct rival to the governor’s own book All Things Possible.

He claims for six months Cuomo refused to move out or respond to his wife’s lawyers as proceedings were ongoing in the divorce.

Kerry is said to have told the public they were seeking an “amicable divorce” – but Cuomo is alleged to have leaked to the press that she had an affair with a “Republican polo player”.

The politician is also alleged to have made her life “miserable” by “constantly sticking it to her” – such as by refusing to make Christmas plans until December as they shared responsibility of their daughters, twins Mariah and Cara, and Michaela.

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