Empty Shelves in German Supermarkets as Inflation Hits Food Products

Supermarkets are being left with empty shelves throughout Germany, as spiralling inflation renders the sale of a wide variety of products unprofitable.

Products ranging from Kellogg’s cornflakes to Coca Cola have disappeared from supermarkets throughout Germany, with many shops being left with empty shelves as products become simply unprofitable to sell due to differentials in inflation.

It comes as overall inflation hit 10 per cent in the country in September, with EU-wide inflation for the month falling just short of 11 per cent as a result of the ongoing energy crisis, which has in turn hiked the cost of food and other essential goods.

According to a report by Handelsblatt, such surging inflation is now having a significant knock-on effect on the supply of food products within Germany, with companies warring with each other over the pricing of various items.

With the hike in production costs, food giants including the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Mars have been pushing for German supermarkets to pay higher prices for various products in the hopes of preserving their own profitability.

Retailers in the country however have strongly resisted this, with one supermarket chain in the country going so far as to accuse major companies of “price gouging” and “usury”.


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