Empathizer-in-chief exposed as a lie

NY Post

Our Empathizer-in-Chief has no clothes. The crisis in Afghanistan, mushrooming with the force and immensity of a nuclear bomb, is clearly a huge nuisance for President Biden. His demeanor this week is that of a sullen 12-year-old boy whose summer vacation has been cut short. He had to be dragged from Camp David to address the nation last Monday, and as the week went on he couldn’t believe this was still a thing. Irritation is his current mood. Not even gentle questioning from friendly Democrat George Stephanopoulos could elicit sympathy from Joe. About those desperate Afghans clinging to the side of an American military plane as it took off, falling to their deaths as the world watched? “That was four days ago, five days ago!” the president snapped. It had actually been two days prior, but that’s not my point. Ladies and gentleman, the mask has come off. This isn’t old age. This isn’t political defiance or mental defect. This is stone-cold callous disregard for human life — lives lost due to Biden’s own insistence on a hasty withdrawal, keeping our allies in the dark. American civilians on the ground, now in hiding from the Taliban, were given no heads-up.

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