Emails Confirm Hunter Biden Invested in Chinese Government-Owned Companies

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A new report from Fox Business, sourcing emails obtained by the media company, shows that Hunter Biden’s investments into Chinese companies lasted well into 2017, a fact that the Biden Administration has yet to acknowledge or admit.

The now-president’s son has had a long history of using his father’s influence to enrich himself, including real estate transactions, oil and gas consultant contracts, and even the effort to sell an American company that made technology for the US Joint Strike Fighter Program, to a Chinese defense company.

This latest report confirms that in March of 2017, Hunter Biden’s business partner detailed to him in an email, ownership interests in at least three firms with Biden-ties, including Rosemont Seneca Advisors, RSP Investments (another Rosemont Seneca Joint Venture), as well as Bohai-Harvest-Rosemont, the joint venture with the Bank of China. BHR was responsible for the acquisition of Henniges, a US company responsible for anti-vibration technology, by AVEC, a Chinese-owned defense company.  Though this latest report confirms Biden’s partnership with the Chinese Government-owned firm as late as 2017, RedState reporting from January of 2021 showed Biden was still in ownership then.

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