Elon Musk Promised New York Ventilators… He Sent 5 Year Old Sleep Apnea Machines Instead

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Zero Hedge::

“The head of Resmed medical device maker appeared on Cramer today and said the 1000 machines Musk said he would be donating were five-year old Resmed BiPap breathing devices, usually used to treat sleep apnea, which I presume were bought in bulk at deep discount.”

After weeks of finding new ways to embarrass himself in the coronavirus news cycle – most recently taking a stab at doctors and saying they were too “scared” to help coronavirus patients – Elon Musk has opened up a new chapter in both virtue signalling and public humiliation as it relates to the ongoing global pandemic.

As a reminder, we have been reluctantly covering Musk’s “bizarre” actions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic: First, he called the panic around the virus “dumb”. Then, Musk came out and said kids were “essentially immune” to the virus despite the fact that there have been numerous reports of teenagers “fighting for their lives” on ventilators and passing away from the virus (source and source).

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