Elon Musk Paid Nearly Half of Ex-Girlfriend Amber Heard’s $1.3M Donation to Left-Wing ACLU


Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid nearly half of his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard’s $1.3 million donation to the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), according to ACLU Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Terence Dougherty, who testified Thursday at the Depp-Heard defemination trial.

Heard had promised to donate $3.5 million — from her January 2017 divorce settlement with Johnny Depp — to the ACLU but only ended up paying $1.3 million to the left-wing organization, with Musk’s money making up a large chunk of it, Dougherty testified on Thursday.

Of that $1.3 million, Heard contributed $350,000 directly, Depp contributed $100,000 in Heard’s name, and $350,000 — anonymously donated in Heard’s name — came from a “donor-advised fund” at Fidelity.

In July 2017, another $500,000 came from an account at The Vanguard Group, which Dougherty said he believed was a fund set up by Musk.


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