Elon Musk on Silicon Valley’s Leftist Bias: ‘Borderline Illegal’ to Support GOP in San Francisco

Tesla CEO and new Twitter owner Elon Musk responded to some Twitter users about the midterm election results on Tuesday. In one tweet, Musk confirmed Silicon Valley’s leftist bias, quipping that it is “borderline illegal” to express support for Republicans in San Francisco.

Leading into the midterm elections, Elon Musk suggested Americans vote for Republicans to “curb the worst excesses” of the Democrats, but during the election he remained relatively quiet — at odds with his usual proclivity for incendiary comments. However, he did make a few comments in reply to Twitter users that appear to add to his Republican-leaning sentiments.

Replying to the Twitter account Monitoring Bias which posted a chart showing tech firm donations to political candidates in the 2018 midterm elections, Musk said “It is borderline illegal to support Republicans in San Francisco!”

Responding to a sarcastic comment from the Twitter account Whole Mars Catalog which jokingly scolded Musk for not supporting “the party that hates your guts,” which is implied to be the Democrats, Musk simply posted a peace sign emoji.

And responding to user Mike Solana who ridiculed the New York Times guide for dealing with “election stress,” which included tips like “breathe like a baby,” Musk commented that “reality is indistinguishable from satire.”


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