Elks are racist too – Portland protesters torch historic fountain depicting elk (BEFORE and AFTER)

Washington Examiner:

Protesters in Oregon were caught on camera burning and destroying a historic fountain representing an elk.

“The elk statue in downtown Portland is now fully engulfed in flames,” journalist Andy Ngo tweeted, accompanied by a video early Thursday morning.

Protesters ripped wood paneling from the statue, called the “Thompson Elk Fountain,” and lit a bonfire underneath it. The fountain sits outside of the city’s federal courthouse.

The statue of one of the largest species in the deer family was erected 120 years ago and named after David Thompson, who moved to Oregon in 1853 as a teenager and went on to work as a railroad surveyor. Thompson also worked within the mining, banking, and manufacturing industries, eventually amassing a fortune and becoming Portland’s 24th mayor.

The vandals also threw projectiles at police officers who were trying to disperse the crowd with pepper balls and a flash-bang, a freelance journalist reported. The words “oink oink” could also be seen written in graffiti on the base of the statue.




Video courtesy of Andy Ngo Channel

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