Election Interference? German, Spanish, Portugal Leftist Leaders Urge France to Back Macron over Le Pen


The leftist leaders of Germany, Spain, and Portugal have written an open letter calling on the French public to back incumbent President Emmanuel Macron against his populist challenger in Sunday’s elections, Marine Le Pen.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Prime Ministers of Spain and Portugal, Pedro Sánchez and António Costa published an open letter in Spain’s El Pais newspaper on Thursday to urge France to back Emmanuel Macron’s re-election bid in light of the war in Ukraine.

“Populists and the extreme right of all our countries have been vindicating Putin as an ideological and political model, replicating their chauvinistic ideas. They have echoed their attacks on minorities and diversity and their goal of nationalist uniformity.

“We must not forget that, no matter how much those politicians are now trying to distance themselves from the Russian aggressor,” the socialist leaders wrote in a veiled reference to Marine Le Pen, who has argued for closer ties with Russia to counter the growing threat of Communist China.

Further laying out the argument why they believe Macron deserves another term, the heads of state said: “That’s why we need France by our side. A France that has been, again and again, a beacon of democracy and fraternity for Europe and the world. The nation that welcomed the exiles fleeing the dictatorships of Franco and Salazar. A France that defends justice, against anti-democratic leaders, such as Putin.”


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