Elderly Brooklyn dismemberment suspect shopped at 99 Cent store with victim’s leg in tow, NYPD says


The octogenerian suspect in a grisly Brooklyn murder shopped at a 99 Cent store with her victim’s dismembered leg tucked away in her electric wheelchair, police said Friday.

The leg of victim Susan Leyden – cut off from the knee down – was captured on surveillance video when her accused killer Harvey Marcelin stood up from the wheelchair while inside the store, Chief of Detectives James Essig said at a Friday press conference.

“She gets up out of her wheelchair there and the leg is right there on the seat,” Essig said.

The chief did not specify when Marcelin, who also went by Marcelin Harvey, went on the horrific shopping trip.

Marcelin, an 83-year-old transgender woman, was arrested March 4 after she was identified as the person who ditched Leyden’s headless, limbless torso in a shopping cart at Atlantic and Pennsylvania Aves. in East New York. The NYPD says Leyden’s head was found inside Marcelin’s home.

“This is a gruesome and barbaric homicide which resulted in a headless torso being disposed of on a New York City corner,” Essig said. “It takes a serial killer off the street. This is just the latest [in] a list of heinous offenses conducted over the period of a lifetime by Ms. Harvey. We can only hope that she can do no more.”


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