Eighty-six people die of coronavirus in a DAY in China as Beijing begins mass arrest of sufferers and videos shows hazmat suit-clad goons dragging people from their homes as the death toll hits 724

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Daily Mail:

  • Disturbing video, filmed in Wuhan, has surfaced showing three people being removed from their home
  • Officials in protective suits and face masks are seen walking two of the people out while holding their arms 
  • A third man then resists by kicking out and it takes three officials to pick him up and forcefully remove him
  • On Saturday officials confirmed 722 coronavirus deaths in mainland China, bringing worldwide total to 724

Video showing people suspected of having coronavirus being forcefully dragged from their homes has emerged, as the communist regime starts rounding up suffers in Wuhan and taking them to camps.

Officials in protective suits are seen holding onto two people by their arms before a third more resistive man is picked up from the floor and carried away in one shocking clip shared online.

The footage, filmed in Wuhan, comes after China’s Vice Premier Sun Chunlan called on a ‘people’s war’ against the fast-spreading epidemic.

Last week the country’s central government ordered the city – which is the epicentre of the virus – to round up all suspected patients as well as their close contacts in mass quarantine camps.

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