Economist sounds alarm on green energy as Americans struggle with costs: ‘Europe is telling us a big story’

As reports indicate over 20 million Americans are struggling to keep pace with their utility bills, former Trump campaign adviser Stephen Moore weighed in on growing concerns over the plummeting home prices and the left’s green energy push as a costly alternative to fossil fuels.

“Americans should be paying attention to what happens when you go with green energy because Europe is telling us a big story, and nobody’s paying attention…” he told “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth on Sunday.

“There was an article in the Wall Street Journal that the Brits are looking at an 80 percent increase in utility bills because they’re hooked on Russian natural gas. Look at what’s happening in some of these other countries like Germany and Spain.”

“They don’t have enough energy because they tried green energy and it failed,” he continued. “Why aren’t we paying attention to that in the United States?”


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