Do Muslim congresswomen Omar and Tlaib have dual loyalties?

They are accusing those who support Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, of having dual loyalties as though we’re supposed to have loyalty to what? Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Muslim fundamentalist nations?

Does Omar have dual loyalties? It seems to me she must, since she has such contempt for America and for those who support Israel, isn’t that a sort of dual loyalty? So who is she loyal to?

Pelosi and the Democrats even strtipped Omar’s name out of the anti-Semitism resolution which was revamped as the anti-hate resolution the House passed yesterday afternoon.

Isn’t it very clever that a woman who wears traditional throwback dress and espouses overt anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, anti-democracyism on a daily basis, accuses everyone else of dual loyalty. And the American people are so gullible, so fat, so drugged, so drunk, they don’t even know that the enemy within has entered the halls of Congress.

For two years we were told Trump has dual loyalties, saying that Trump has a loyalty to Russia and Putin. Isn’t that the party line of the Democratic Party?

This is the new Democrat Party, I would say they are McCarthy like, but that would be a disgrace to the name of McCarthy because he was the furthest thing from a fascist. He was a war hero, a real tail gunner in World War II. And in fact, the Democrats of that time smeared him for saying the truths about the communists who had infiltrated Hollywood, the media, and of course, Congress itself. He was broken by Congress, smeared by the very same forces that are trying to smear Trump.

The very same tactic that they applied to McCarthy, they’re applying to Trump. That means to you as well for voting for Trump. And of course, they destroyed McCarthy. No one could take that much hatred. And then lo and behold, many years later in the 1990s, a book came out called the Venona Papers. These were secret transmissions of the KGB that were released after the wall fell. They named the names of all those with true dual loyalty. In fact, they were spies and working for Russia in Hollywood, of screenwriters, actors, directors in the media, in universities, and of course, in government itself.

Now, where did this challenge of dual loyalty first originate? During the English Reformation, many important Scottish and English figures, Thomas Moore, Mary Queen of Scots, Edmund Campion, were actually tried and executed for their alleged double loyalty through the pope and infidelity to the crown.

Jews and the Jewish diaspora have been accused of dual loyalty first by the Romans in the first century, by the French during the Dreyfus Affair in the late 19th century, in the Stalin era in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. And of course, now with a Democratic Congress where radical Muslims have been planted into the halls of Congress.

During the Third Republic in 19th century France, citizens were divided between clericals and anti-clericals because of long lasting loyalty related conflicts between the French secularist government and The Holy See.

What happened during World War II? A number of United States citizens of German, Japanese and Italian ancestry, including some even born in the US were confined to internment camps. The Japanese were put in internment camps. We all heard about that. We all had to get on our hands and knees and apologize for that one. But you never heard the Italians complaining when their fishing boats were seized, as was Joe Dimaggio’s father’s crab fishing boat right here on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. They went on with their lives. They did not demand reparations from Congress. They understood why the boats were seized as did the Germans who were interned here against their will.

What happened next? Accusations against Jewish neoconservatives who were vocal proponents of the war against Iraq were attacked as having dual loyalty and called ‘Israel Firsters’.

Dual loyalty continues to be a concern in this nation, mainly amongst those of us who see dual loyalty amongst the illegal immigrants pouring over the border. Now they certainly have a dual loyalty, don’t they? Why is it they wave Mexican flags at boxing matches. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Try waving an American flag at a boxing match in Mexico and see what happens to you. There’s an example of real dual loyalty.

How about the Hindu minority in Muslim majority Bangladesh? They have been accused of dual loyalty to neighboring India by the radical Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

There are other examples of dual loyalty, but now its ugly face has reared once again this time in the halls of Congress where a Muslim congresswoman named Omar who I call ‘Omar The Terrible’ has revived the accusations of dual loyalty.

I cannot understand how any American can support these radical Democrats. I didn’t say I love Trump. I didn’t say vote for Trump, but I said, how could you support the Democrat Party, which is now bending over backwards to mask and camouflage this naked bigotry that has emerged in their party?