WATCH – Man opens fire on Portland street as Antifa protesters clashed with Proud Boys attending ‘Summer of Love’ event

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The Daily Mail:

Proud Boys event was condemned as ‘intimidating’ by city’s Mayor Ted Wheeler

  • Sunday’s protests were concentrated in downtown and northeast Portland
  • They began at 2.30pm with ‘several hundred’ people gathered downtown 
  • A right-wing ‘Summer of Love’ event was scheduled to kick off at the waterfront
  • It was later switched to an abandoned K-Mart parking lot in the city’s northeast, but left-wing counter-protesters were already gathered downtown
  • Gunfire rang out

Dramatic footage showed a gunfight erupt in downtown Portland after Antifa demonstrators returned fire at a man who shot at them with a handgun.

That unidentified man was filmed standing behind a trash can before firing a single shot from a handgun on Sunday. Moments later unseen Antifa protesters returned fire, The Guardian reported.

The violent scene erupted at the same time as the Oregon city was playing host to a Summer of Love conservative event said to have been attended by far-right groups including the Proud Boys. 

That event – held in the parking lot of an abandoned suburban K-Mart-  turned violent after 30 far-left Antifa members clad in dark ‘black bloc’ attire walked past the K-Mart, prompting the Proud Boys to give chase. 

A neighboring gas station and convenience store were then hit by explosions and airsoft projectiles. 

The scuffle briefly came to a halt before medics on both sides treated the wounded, before Antifa protesters retreated, prompting Proud Boys members to chant ‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ 

Two vehicles were overturned by attendees of the Summer of Love event – with one sprayed with the letters FAFO, which stands for the Proud Boys’ slogan: ‘F**k around and find out.’  

Protesters fired paintballs and air guns, sprayed chemicals and one man fired a handgun as Portland was hit by dueling Antifa and conservative demonstrations.

The man filmed shooting from behind the trashcan was later arrested, but it wasn’t clear if he was tied to the clashes, police told Fox News

Dramatic footage showed him stood behind a trash can and firing off at least one shot, with other shots fired by another unseen shooter following in quick succession. 

The day’s disturbances fell on the anniversary of last year’s clashes between Trump supporters and counter-protesters that included baseball bats and firearms, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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