Dr. Siegel reports from Nebraska biocontainment facility: Coronavirus may be ‘more contagious than the flu’

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Fox News:

Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. Marc Siegel said Wednesday that coronavirus is appearing to be more contagious than the flu.

Reporting from Omaha, Neb., Siegel said he has received wide-ranging access to the University of Nebraska’s biocontainment facility where Americans infected with the virus are being treated and quarantined.

Two patients were being treated.

“One … is suffering from that severe pneumonia we’ve been talking about and is possibly or probably on the antiviral treatment we are studying so intensely,” he said. “The others, there are 15 total — one came in last night on a MedEvac and was reunited with her spouse. They are in adjoining rooms.”

Siegel, also a professor at New York University, said he is studying how the nurses and medical professionals are treating the virus in the unique facility, and that people are wearing protective gear almost all of the time.

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