Dr. Atlas to Newsmax: Why Are There No Cheap and Safe Drugs for COVID-19?


Dr. Scott Atlas asked on Newsmax why no COVID-19 trials are being conducted on “cheap” and “safe” drugs that have shown efficacy. Appearing Tuesday on “Eric Bolling: The Balance,” Atlas said: “Why is it that we have not had adequate clinical trials on widely available, cheap and safe drugs that we know would have a mechanism that would indicate that it might work?” Atlas, a radiologist and former coronavirus adviser in the Trump administration, said one such drug, ivermectin, is cheap and safe but has not undergone the large “phase three, controlled” studies. The doctor then criticized the National Institutes of Health for its “gross failure” to deliver a study on cheap and safe drugs in the 18 months since the pandemic began. “Somehow, we’re in a world where the vaccine is the only possible way to limit your risk,” he added.

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