Dozens of ships are forced to anchor off coast of New York as they wait to dock in the country’s second-largest port – adding to US supply chain crunch which has forced FedEx to reroute 600k packages a day


Nearly two dozen cargo ships and oil tankers are waiting to berth off the south shore of Long Island on Saturday as surge of imports and short-staffed ports have caused a logjam sea

Earlier this year, Port of New York and New Jersey became the second busiest port in the country behind Los Angeles, according to recent shipping data

Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which normally moves 40% of containers in US, has 62 cargo ships waiting to dock, satellite images show

Backup brought on by a combination of it being peak shipping period and a pandemic-induced buying boom and labor shortage

The ports serve as the entry point for a third of imports to the US, and are the main import point for goods coming from China

FedEx announced that about 25 per cent of packages going into it shipping hubs, like the one in Portland, Oregon, are being diverted

The hubs are operating with 65 per cent of their usual staff as the shipping company struggles against the national labor shortage

 Costco announced Thursday it was bringing back limits on purchases of items like toilet paper, paper towels and bottled water

Transportation issues are causing delays in deliveries to stores despite suppliers having enough stock

Pandemic-driven port congestion and labor shortages have forced retail chains including Costco to spend more on transportation

More than two dozen container ships appear to be stuck at sea miles off the south shore of Long Island, according to a maritime traffic monitoring website as more than 60 vessels wait to dock at two of the country’s largest ports on the West Coast. The logjam at the nation’s three busiest ports comes as the economy reels from a supply chain crunch which as been exacerbated by a shortage of truck drivers. The situation has deteriorated to the point where supermarkets have been unable to stock their shelves with products while FedEx has had to reroute hundreds of thousands of packages. MarineTraffic, the global ship tracking site, shows cargo ships and oil tankers clustered just a few miles off of the coastline that stretches from Long Beach in the west to Lido Beach and Jones Beach Island in the east. As of 9pm local time, the ships appear to have remained in place for hours. The Port of New York and New Jersey appears to be beset by the same congestion caused by the surge in imports that has created a massive logjam of shipping containers waiting to berth in the waters of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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