Dozens of hepatitis cases linked to turmeric supplement consumption, ANSES warns

Used for centuries in food and medicine for its health benefits, over 100 reports have been received on adverse effects of turmeric in Italy and France. In Italy, 20 cases of hepatitis have been recorded of people consuming turmeric supplements, and 15 cases in France are potentially connected to curcumin or turmeric supplements, the French National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) flags.

“Cases reported in our vigilance system and experimental animal data suggest that turmeric can be a direct cause of hepatitis. Furthermore, the Italian authorities conducted analyses of the food supplements whose consumption caused hepatitis,” Fanny Huret, coordinator of the expert appraisal at Anses, tells NutritionInsight.

“In none of the samples analyzed was the presence of contaminants (heavy metals, hepatotoxic synthetic colorant, drugs etc.) detected,” says Huret. 


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