Dozens arrested after they ‘gored’ Charging Bull statue during climate protest


Dozens of protesters were arrested Monday morning for dousing lower Manhattan’s “Charging Bull” statue with fake blood as part of a climate-change demonstration.

Members of the Extinction Rebellion group scaled the bronze bovine at around 11 a.m., waved a green flag bearing the eco organization’s symbol, then splashed the statue with the faux gore.

The British-born group also protested in Paris, Berlin, London and other cities around the globe on Monday.

Extinction Rebellion has blamed methane-filled cow farts for contributing to global warming, but organizers with the New York chapter said on Monday that the bull was in their crosshairs because it’s a symbol of capitalism.

“Throwing blood on the bull is tying climate change directly back to the financial industry, which is financing fossil-fuel infrastructure,” said Christine See, 35.

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