Donald Trump Says Melania Doing ‘Fantastic’ in Wake of Coronavirus Diagnosis

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Appearing Tuesday on the nationally-syndicated radio show The Savage Nation, President Donald Trump revealed First Lady Melania Trump is doing “fantastic” in the wake of being diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus.

A partial transcript is bellow:

MICHAEL SAVAGE: How is my favorite lady on the planet next to my wife doing, Mrs. Trump?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: She’s doing fantastic. She says hello. I said I’d be speaking to you. It’s great to speak to you to.

SAVAGE: You know that we have a certain rapport, like when I see you folks once and a while, you know there’s an emotional feeling. I don’t know how that works. How does that work between people, I don’t understand it.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Right from the beginning you were saying, “that guy’s got a really good shot” and I always remembered that. Not everybody said that.

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