DOJ Weighs Searching More Locations Linked to Joe Biden for Classified Docs

The Justice Department (DOJ) is reportedly considering launching additional searches for classified documents at more locations linked to President Joe Biden, CBS News reported Sunday.

The potential for additional searches comes as the DOJ scoured Biden’s Wilmington residence Friday and found six more items consisting of with classified marking, according to Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer. The content of the classified materials is unknown.

Bauer claimed Saturday that Biden offered to allow the FBI to conduct the search led by the DOJ. It is unclear if Biden has offered to permit the DOJ to conduct further searches at separate locations linked to Biden.

The White House had previously claimed on January 14 that all searches for all classified documents were completed.

The trove unearthed Friday is in addition to the about 25 classified documents found by Biden’s personal attorneys in past weeks at the Penn Biden Center and Biden’s residence.

Biden stated Thursday he had “no regrets” about mishandling classified materials and claimed there was “no there there.” The classified documents were initially unearthed by Biden’s personal attorneys on November 2, days before the midterm elections.

“We’re fully cooperating, looking forward to getting this resolved quickly,” Biden said. “I think you’re gonna find there’s nothing there. I have no regrets. I’m following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do. That’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no there there.”


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