Doctors should be allowed to refuse care to LGBTQ+ people – RZP MK

Israeli doctors should have the right not to serve people from the LGBTQ+ community if it is against their religious belief and there is another doctor who can treat them, Religious Zionist Party member of Knesset Orit Struk said in response to a question on KAN radio on Sunday morning.

“We need to stop treating halakha [Jewish law] as something that is less valuable,” Struck said. “The country’s laws express its moral code,” she added.

Struk was commenting on the fact that both RZP and United Torah Judaism’s coalition agreements with the Likud included an amendment that would enable private businesses to refuse to provide a product or service due to religious belief if the same product or service could be obtained in near proximity at a similar price.

This could include situations such as an orthodox barber refusing to shave a client with a razor – which is prohibited in Jewish law; a man or woman refusing to serve a member of the opposite gender; and people refusing service to members of the LGBT community.

This also means that a hotel owner may refuse to provide a room to a gay couple, RZP MK Simcha Rothman also said in response to a question on KAN radio on Sunday morning.


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