Diverse Fat Activist Gets Paid to Lie to Children About Nutrition for Corporate Profit

Talk about intersectionality!

This one intersects a pair of fundamental corporate state interests: woke cultural arson and biomedical profiteering.

The LA Public School District (LAUSD), purportedly for the sake of promoting children’s welfare, published a “food neutrality” propaganda video in which it claimed the “diet culture” is “oppressive.”

(The phrase “diet culture” meaning “not stuffing your face with a kilogram’s-worth of processed carbs daily.”)

The first bit, a cringe sketch routine, goes like this: 

Sacred Person of Color© #1: “I got us doughnuts!” 

Sacred Person of Color©#2: “Those are so bad for you!

Sacred Person of Color© #1: “Oh no! Are they moldy? Are they poisoned?”

[the obvious insinuation being that there would be no other reason not to eat food if it wasn’t moldy or poisoned]

Sacred Person of Color©#2: “No, I’m just saying…

Sacred Person of Color© #1: “You’re judging my food choices based on a false standard of health, again, aren’t you?”

Sacred Person of Color©#2: “Guilty!

Enter sacred Person of Color© “Black Nutritionist” to clear things up:

“Diet culture, fatphobia, and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food and it shows up everywhere…”


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