Distraught father warns 17-yr-old son now has ongoing heart condition after receiving Covid shot

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Biz Pac Review:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed hundreds of cases of myocarditis or pericarditis, which is heart inflammation, have been reported in people under 30 after receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations.

On Tuesday, Fabio Berlingieri appeared on Fox & Friends to say that his 17-year-old son was diagnosed with heart problems after taking the Pfizer vaccine so he could go to school and play soccer.

“A week later, he came home and started telling me that his heart was hurting every time he had a heartbeat,” the distraught father told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

Berlingieri said he took his son to a clinic to get checked out, and then a cardiologist. Initial tests looked good, he explained, but when the bloodwork came back he got a call and was told to take his son to the hospital immediately.

The call came the day of his son’s prom and Berlingieri said he was told going to the prom was not an option.

“He needs to go to the hospital, his troponin levels were off the chart,” he recounted being told. “What they told me was normal was like 40 he had like 9,000.”

After being in the hospital for several days, the high school senior “barely made his graduation,” Berlingieri said.

“And now he’s got a heart condition and he can’t do all the things he loves to do,” the father added. “He can’t go surfing — he got a surfboard for the summer. He can’t hang out with his friends and do the things that 17-year-olds do. The biggest part is he can’t play soccer in the fall which broke his heart. And my heart.”

The teen is still dealing with scar tissue.

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