Disney pushes ‘critical race theory’ training

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“Reimagine Tomorrow” program allegedly teaches “race consciousness” as Disney pushes ‘critical race theory’ in employee training materials

A new report claims the Walt Disney Company is pushing “critical race theory” on its employees as part of an internal training program, teaching them “race consciousness” and other concepts to address “systemic racism” in the U.S.

Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo on Friday published what he says are a “trove of whistleblower documents” detailing a program titled “Reimagine Tomorrow.”

Rudo also provides in his report what he says are primary-source documents that appear to be pages of a training manual.

“In the past year, Disney executives have elevated the ideology of critical race theory into a new corporate dogma, bombarded employees with trainings on ‘systemic racism,’ ‘white privilege,’ ‘white fragility,’ and ‘white saviors,’ and launched racially segregated ‘affinity groups’ at the company’s headquarters,” Rudo writes.

The documents, which are stamped with the Disney insignia, instruct viewers in tips on “becoming an ally” to black acquaintances, calling anti-racism education “an ongoing learning journey.” 

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