Director Dale Resteghini Envisions ‘A World in which Whites are Enslaved by Blacks’

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Daily Mail:

  • Movie title: ‘Cracka’
  • See IMDb listing
  • Film directed by Dale Resteghini will be available for streaming later this year
  • Depicts a modern neo-Nazi transported in time to a parallel universe
  • There, white people are brutally enslaved and black people are slaveholders
  • Film’s tagline includes ‘you raped our daughters, what if we raped yours?’ 

An upcoming movie titled ‘Cracka’ plans to depict an alternate history in which black people enslaved whites in early America.

Director Dale Resteghini released the trailer for the independently funded film on Friday, saying it would be available for purchase on Amazon Prime and elsewhere later this year.

The trailer shows a white man with neo-Nazi tattoos being transported back in time to a version of America in which he is enslaved by black people.

Title cards read: ‘You took our breath away, what if we took yours? You raped our daughters, what if we raped yours? You stole our freedom, now we steal yours.’

The white neo-Nazi ‘protagonist’ is seen being subjected to brutal treatment at the hands of black slaveholders.

White people are seen being raped and lynched by their black overlords in the film. 

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