Diet Coke, guns, American Revolutionary War painting, Elon Musk shares a pic of his bedside table

Elon Musk has shared a personal image of his bedside table. The pic shows various cans of Diet Coke, a painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware and two guns. Musk shared the image with a simple caption saying, “My bedside table”. 

He then made a remark on his own image saying “There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.” 

Both guns don’t seem like conventional arms. The one lying in a case with the painting seems like an artifact from the American Revolutionary War. The painting itself is called Washington Crossing the Delaware which was painted in the year 1851. 

The painting is inspired from the moment when General George Washington led soldiers across a frozen Delaware river amidst a storm. This moment is seen as a pivotal moment in the American Revolutionary war. The painting was made by a German American artist Emanuel Leutze.

The guns in the image may be non-functional, at least from the looks of it. One is an old gun that seems to be an artifact and the other looks like a prop inspired by a sci-fi movie or game.

US has been struggling with gun laws due to rampant incidents of mass shooting across the length and breath of the country. Musk has been of the opinion that there should be tight checks on sale of guns.   


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