Did You See What’s Happening in Colorado and New York? We Have More Vote-by-Mail Fiascos.

Town Hall:

The Colorado secretary of state sent postcards to non-citizens and dead people urging them to vote. In North Carolina and Virginia, we’re seeing people again receiving multiple ballots. In Pennsylvania, they’re going to accept ballots whose voter signatures don’t match. In New Jersey, Paterson’s municipal election results were trashed by a judge over rampant fraud. Twenty percent of the ballots were fraudulent. New York’s primaries were a total fiasco, and now we have voters there receiving ballots with the wrong information on them (via The Hill).

Voters in New York City said they received their mail-in ballots this week but were surprised to find they were printed with the wrong names and voter IDs and included incorrect return labels. 

Some voters said they received absentee ballots mislabeled as the official ballot for military members, while others said the envelope meant to return their ballot did not bear their name or address. 

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