WATCH – Did Prosecutors Withhold Key Video? + Former Lawyer’s Bold Prediction

The New York Post:

Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team accused prosecutors of holding back key video footage that is at the heart of their case in a formal motion for a mistrial, court documents show.

Lawyers for the 18-year-old Kenosha gunman already called for a mistrial during the hearing, and filed a formal seven-page request less than an hour before closing arguments Monday, The Chicago Tribune noted.

The motion argues any conviction should be overruled and seeks to forbid any chance of a retrial if Rittenhouse is cleared of the five felonies he faces for the deadly triple shooting at last year’s Kenosha riots.

It highlighted some of the prosecutors’ missteps that already had Judge Bruce Schroeder railing at them, including mentioning evidence they’d been warned not to use and also making a play of the teen’s right to silence.

But it also accused prosecutors of holding back the high-resolution drone footage used to try to suggest that Rittenhouse had been the aggressor when he claimed self-defense before the first shooting.

Prosecutors provided a low resolution video that did not include all the information.

The high resolution videos that they originally with held from the defense, shows Rittenhouse did not aim at Ziminski.

Here are both videos.

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Meanwhile Former Lawyer Predicted Weapons Charge Dismissal a Year Ago

Fox News:

John Pierce: ‘This case should have never been brought’

Kyle Rittenhouse’s future went to a 12-person Wisconsin jury Tuesday, in a murder trial whose outcome has local residents bracing for renewed protests and Americans from coast to coast waiting for the verdict on the edge of their seats.

Seven women and five men have been randomly selected to decide the fate of accused Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse faces up to life in prison if convicted of the highest charge. He faces charges including first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide; first-degree reckless homicide; and recklessly endangering safety.

John Pierce, a lawyer who previously represented Rittenhouse but no longer does, said he believes the prosecution has a weak, politically motivated case aimed at making a point rather than serving justice.

“He was legally entitled to have that firearm with him,” he told Fox News Digital Tuesday. “And it’s just clear as day from the evidence, most powerfully from the hundreds of angles of video evidence, that it was absolute perfect self-defense.”

Pierce runs a private law firm named after himself as well as the National Constitutional Law Union, or NCLU — which he describes as “the ACLU but for the rest of us.” He has long argued that the prosecution’s case against Rittenhouse is politically motivated and shouldn’t stand up in court.

“This case should have never been brought,” he said. “In my view, this is blatant prosecutorial misconduct. It’s malicious prosecution.”

And as a result, he said the teen defendant “was defamed by pretty much every media outlet and lots of politicians and celebrities as being mass murderer and a White supremacist, which is ridiculous.”

Demonstrators calling for his conviction outside the courthouse this week described the teen as a racist, White supremacist and killer. Counterprotesters argued that he had a right to defend himself. The two camps have engaged in repeated shouting matches

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