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Once the KGB needed to blackmail, pay or coerce people to be traitors against America. Today a large segment of the Democrat Party freely does these things as an act of politics. What was once Communism is now an amorphous, evil spirit that can be called anti-Americanism. How did this happen? Explaining it is no easy task. 

As November was turning into December of 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. This was widely viewed as the great triumph of Ronald Reagan, who had held the line in nuclear discussions with Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavik four years earlier. In 1991, the Soviet Union officially dissolved. The Russians backed an American military triumph over Saddam Hussein, and a political commentator named Frances Fukuyama wrote that we had reached the “end of history.” The Cold War was over and the United States was the victor. At that moment in time, the U.S. stood at a pinnacle of power and influence above all previous empires, armies or regimes, ranging from Alexander’s Greece to Caesar’s Rome or any other monolith whether it be Adolph Hitler’s Germany or Joseph Stalin’s East Bloc. The legendary William F. Buckley noted all the successes of conservatism and blithely declared, “Sure, we won.” 

The general line held that Reagan, the Republican Party, and old Democrat patriots ranging from Harry Truman to John Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson, had contributed to this glorious victory. Communism was dead. 22 years later, we are aghast to discover this victory may have been false hope; Communism was not defeated. More intolerably, it has infiltrated the West and even America. It now holds political and cultural power over perhaps 20 or 30 percent of the so-called “free world.” 

To study this, one must have an understanding of man’s relationship with God. Since most of the people under the sway of modern “Communism” do not believe in a Biblical God, the argument made herein is mere gibberish; Right-wing claptrap. It will not be understood or paid heed to. It is John the Baptist crying in the wilderness. It is worth noting that many on the Left will on occasion invoke the name of God, or Jesus, or even the devil and hell, in an effort to make a point or even embarrass some Christian as a hypocrite. It is doubtful those who invoke these spirits actually believe in a divine Christ or that eternal damnation really exists. The Left will cherry pick some act of Christ’s mercy and compassion as if He were advocating Mexicans immigrate without visas into America, but will not read the whole Bible, which is filled with references to hell, marriage between men and women, homosexuality, sin, and a million other planks of the Democrat playbook. Christ in fact was quite specific that there were individual nations and each had laws and rules specific to them, perhaps the biggest reason Christians despise Communism and its adherence to one-world government, or as we now call it, the U.N. They surely cannot read from Leviticus or much else of the Old Testament. The real Christian follows a fundamental belief that each word has a meaning and purpose, is to be read, and feared. 

To grasp this phenomenon, one first must understand history, and what Communism is. 

Communism is the end product of historical injustices, of thousands of years in which Mankind was held under the boot of despots, whether they be Kings, warlords or autocrats. So too is the American reaction to this history, who correctly identified that God loves His children and His greatest gift to them is freedom. It is our fellow man that enslaves us, not God. It is not an accident that the modern world was a struggle between American freedom and Soviet Communism; or that despite the defeat of the U.S.S.R., this battle continues, with American values assaulted against by what is left, a malevolence loosed upon the world. 

Communism rose as an enemy to American liberty, which can be called the “politics of God.” Communism is the “politics of Satan.” The atheist will scoff and argue against this premise. An argument such as the one propounded by these words cannot be expected to reach the unreachable, but it can further enlighten the enlightened. 

It is not an accident that the French Revolution convulsed as an historical answer to the American Revolution. These two cataclysms propelled all events that have followed over the succeeding 200-plus years. The general premise held by American conservatism, which is approximately 40 percent of the U.S. population, is that America is the modern Promised Land, literally an “exceptional” country favored by God Himself as a place that would rise beyond all Earthly power in order to propel His desires for His children. 

This has manifested itself in America creating liberty and perfecting Democracy in ways the Greek philosophers, Rome of the Republic, or the British Parliamentary system could not. Armed with such moral righteousness, America then took on the international system of slavery, which had existed as a powerful, economically successful form of trade between nations from time immemorial, and on our shores, using words and laws written by Americans on those shores, ended the practice once and for all as a legal act between governments . . . on our shores. In April of 1861, if any man would stand up and claim that over the next four years almost 700,000 white Americans would die so that black men could be free, that man would be laughed and shouted out of the public square with nary a whiff of prophesy attached to his words, yet that is precisely what actually occurred in real life. This is the kind of unforeseen event that can only happen if God wills it. In the end, America is where slavery came to die! 

After that the U.S. civilized the American West. If America had not proceeded with Manifest Destiny, World War I may have started years earlier not in Europe but in the unclaimed America; a battle for the future of the Industrial Revolution between England, Germany, Russia, Mexico, France, and the United States. 

Next, America made the world safe for Democracy by bringing hard-fought victory to the Allies in World War I. Then they defeated Nazi Germany in World War II. Then they won the Cold War. Beyond that, American capitalism created medicines, technology, inventions, and innovations that have lifted our fellow humans from centuries of hardship to what can be called the “good life.” Communication technology has allowed the word of God to be heard by billions of human beings in faraway lands who, without America having led the way in inventing said technologies, would never have heard the words 

needed to save their souls. 

Again, all of this is generally agreed upon by American conservatives, but liberals consider this kind of patriotic jingoism to be the words of a crazed lunatic. This was once in fact so generally accepted such concepts were taught in schools and even espoused by both political parties. Today this kind of talk gains traction in Republican primaries but as soon as the vote widens to include the Left and the media, conservatives are afraid to state truth. 

Satan works that way. 

Which leads us to Communism, which can trace its origins perhaps to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract, the French Revolution, a series of post-Napoleonic upheavals and revolts in Europe, and then of course with the Bolsheviks, spurred by the writings of Karl Marx, taking power in Russia. After World War II they enslaved first Eastern Europe, then large swaths of Asia, Africa and Latin America, to the point where in 1960 Republican Presidential candidate Richard Nixon stated that well over half the world was Communist. 

First, a naked, statistical look at Communism. 40 million humans died fighting World War I. Some 18 million died in a flu epidemic spread by the misery of that war. The Nazis started a war in 1939 that resulted in 60 million humans dying by 1945. Of those, 11-12 million were killed in the Holocaust, some 5-6 million of those being Jews. For this Adolph Hitler is viewed as the most evil man in history, but human nature tells us that there have been people who, if given the power and opportunity to kill on Hitler’s scale, would have done so. 

This is not a theory. In fact such people exist as figures in history, and they are all Communists. 

The actual figures are difficult to verify, but as a general rule it is believed that 35 million human beings perished in the Soviet Union, mostly under Joseph Stalin, dictator from 1924 to 1953. 

For decades it was believed that Chairman Mao Tse-tung, dictator of Red China from 1949 to 1976, murdered 55 million people. Recent research has indicated that the 55 million figure is low; Mao is responsible for the death of some 70 million of his countrymen. 

Then of course there are the body counts in other Communist regimes, ranging from the East Bloc to Cuba to Vietnam to North Korea, and outposts of Marxism that make up much of what was called the Third World. The most likely number attached to the term “murdered by the Communists” probably approaches 120-125 million people, twice the number killed in World War II, some 10 times greater than the Holocaust. 

At this point, we can “crown” Mao Tse-tung as the world heavyweight champion of 

murder. While the Nazis may have been more “efficient” in compiling their numbers in a shorter period of time, the fact is they are pikers when it comes to the death toll accrued by Communism. 

But these figures still fall short, for there are numerous other hardships caused by Communism, some resulting in deaths, many resulting in health epidemics. While this may be getting ahead of the argument of this thesis, the subject of abortion cannot be completely separated from Communism. Nobody knows exactly, but considering the population and sterilization policies of Red China it is not inconceivable that 1 billion babies have been aborted there. Abortion has always been a bulwark of Socialism, which has been described as Communism without a conquering army. Who knows how many children have been aborted in Europe? 

What we do know is that since Roe v. Wade (1973), 55-60 million children have been aborted in Christian America alone. Then we have the Chinese Communist virus. The death toll must be lain on the doorstep of . . . Communism. To date add dome 5 million dead worldwide, approaching 1 million in America. 

This leads the conservative Christian American to a question of conscience. If indeed this is the Promised Land, created by God to do His work, and indeed if we did do His work for over 200 years, winning the aforementioned wars, often against great odds, seemingly by miracle, and freeing billions through victory and innovation, is it possible that this “exceptionalism” had a finite purpose? Israel, for instance, was the Biblical Promised Land. God literally chose sides, identifying many of Israel’s historical enemies as His enemies, then coming down from Heaven and performing miracles too numerous to count that favored His people, allowing them victories shaping the Middle East. 

However, this seems to have come to an end with the birth of Christ. The Jews entered 2,000 years of Diaspora until the Holocaust and the creation of Israel, which is seen by many as a major sign that we are entering the End Times, when God’s final judgment will be rendered upon Mankind. 

Is it possible that America’s increasingly sinful nature, embodied by Hollywood and pornography, and most notably by the killing of 55-60 million of God’s children by abortion, has angered God to the point where we no longer are the Promised Land, and therefore we have become vulnerable to our greatest enemies? Who is our greatest enemy? 


But, whawt exactly, is Communism, at least as it stands in 2022? 

Incredibly, the answer to this question is not an easy one. It defies the understanding of even the most learned scholars. It is in fact a cancer, a disease that has spread all over the world and cannot be eradicated. Where the Nazis were very obvious on its face, as to who they were, what their methods were, their goals and desires, Communism is amorphous and cannot be ground down to a group of people, any particular country, ethnicity, region or any other identifiable trait. It once stood for fairly obvious goals: one-world 

government, an international military-political system under the banner of Russia’s hammer and sickle; the violent defeat of the U.S. and subjugation of free peoples under its authority. For reasons utterly beyond common sense, a large portion of free, educated and otherwise decent people either did not think it a major threat, or even sympathized with its aims in one form or another. 

Most of these goals became obsolete between the 1970s and early 1990s. First, Vietnam was a mere Pyrrhic victory for Communism, in which the so-called “victory” came at a cost that was far greater than the value of the achievement. This weakened international Communism to the point where its adventures in Latin America, Africa and eventually Afghanistan, combined with the pressures applied by President Reagan and Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, brought the entire system crumbling to the ground. 

So how does Communism continue to be an entity? Only by understanding that it is not merely a defeated political ideology, but rather the tool of an actual spirit we know as the devil, and that the off-shoot of this tool in the free world are its natural off-shoots, even allies, liberalism and Socialism, can we begin the necessary work of identifying this disease, just as any doctor must identify the disease in a patient. One of the great prophets of our time was the ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers, who described Communism’s evil as well as its appeal, gloomily claiming that in leaving the Communists he was joining “the losing side.” The problem is that this disease has metastasized and is so widespread, it is wholly impossible to eliminate it. It looks more and more like Chambers was right.

For reasons that can only be attributed to Satan, while the Nazis are easily isolated, polarized and any whiff of identification with them is rightly subject to immediate disqualification from meaningful society, tacit, even outright sympathy or even membership in Communist organizations is swept aside by most. From 2009-2017, the United States of America was led by a President who by all accounts learned Marxism at the knee of a card-carrying member of the Communist Party between age nine and his entrance, paid for by entities unknown to this day, to a an expensive private college at age 18. There was a time in the lives of many Americans in which such a fact would automatically disqualify one from the office, and more likely result in such a person being Impeached and jailed. Those days have passed. The circumstances allowing such a disaster cannot be explained beyond the hand of evil. 

President Barack Obama’s Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan revealed at the end of his term that in 1980, when he was in college and Ronald Reagan was winning a landslide election on the promise to defeat our mortal enemies, Communism, that very CIA Director did in fact vote for the Communist candidate

These items, which range from verified as fact by the individual in question to unchallenged and therefore stipulated as truth, have raised nary a ripple in the media or the body politic. Sure, there are screams and shouts from the Silent Majority, but the very fact these screams and shouts have not resulted in active efforts to end such things from being events that happen in America is endemic of the sickness in America. 

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this accusation is in identifying what the early Communists felt was important, and the methods they used to deliver their ideas into our culture. 

V.I. Lenin, founder of the U.S.S.R., said as early as 1920 or 1921 that “of all the arts, cinema is the most important.” The Soviets recognized early that Hollywood was the most vulnerable and influential niche in American culture. 

One of the most telling works revealing Communist plans comes in a 1927 novel by the Socialist author Upton Sinclair, Oil! This book was the template for the 2007 film There Will Be Blood, but the Communism of the novel was not revealed in the film, probably because it was too true a thing for the entertainment industry to allow Americans to learn about them. 

The Communists had a dedicated spy apparatus in America in the 1920s. All of this was revealed by Whittaker Chambers in Witness. One of the ways the Communists subversively embedded their anti-American ideas into our culture was through bohemianism. One of the early American Communists, “Red Emma” Goldman, was motivated largely by hatred of her “patriarchal” father, by lesbianism, by “free love” in the form of orgies and refuting traditional marriage, and by despoiling all vestiges of what might be called “traditional values.” The Communists spread homosexuality, and promiscuity, in America (often using these as tools of blackmail). They encouraged nudity, running on the beach naked, wearing hair in long and frizzy manner, and disdaining the clothes of capitalism, for instance suits and ties, in favor of “workers’ garb.” All of this is described in Oil! and foreshadows the Beats, the hippies and the protest generation of the 1960s, none of which is a coincidence. 

They saw as natural targets blacks, Jews, lesbians, homosexuals, misfits and unattractive women who were often unable to find husbands, and therefore were susceptible to an “explanation” as to why they could not “fit in.” One of Sinclair’s stereotypes, seen as the character that lures the son of an oil magnate to Communism to cleanse his “bourgeoisie guilt,” is a Jewish girl with exceptionally curly hair who purposefully hides any hint of physical attractiveness, whose ugliness is worn as a kind of uniform not unlike the protestors of the Vietnam War. 

But what is most telling is the treatment of blacks, Jews, homosexuals and undesirables in Communist countries, not merely the U.S.S.R. but in Red China, Cuba and virtually all Communist nations. Jews were arguably the first Marxists and Bolsheviks, and were disproportionally the most traitorous of American Communists, but their usefulness, often in the form of intellectualism, was quickly swept by the wayside. By the end of Stalin’s reign of terror, the Jews were virtually liquidated from the Soviet Union, including a purging of Jewish doctors, a strange dynamic that no doubt increased sickness and death in this depraved country. It is not inconceivable at all that in the history of the Soviet Union, the Communists murdered more Jews than Hitler (6 million). 

Then there were the blacks. While there were virtually no blacks living in Russia, the experience of the American Communist Paul Robeson is telling indeed. Subject to racism in the U.S., he decided Communism was the anti-dote to it. The Communists infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement, but when asked about this at a HUAC meeting, baseball 

great Jackie Robinson told the committee he knew the Communists were trying to indoctrinate blacks, but African-Americans were “too Christian and too patriotic” to fall for it. This might be the nicest thing anybody has ever said about African-Americans. 

But Robeson fell for Communism hook, line and sinker . . . until he actually went to live in the Soviet Union. He was quickly disenchanted and returned to the U.S., where he gave a deathbed confession repudiating the Communists. His protégé, however, actor- singer Harry Belafonte, never lived in the U.S.S.R. and therefore never learned what Communism really is. His is typical of the current cultural predicament. 

Belafonte is a 100 percent Communist. He and the Left would deny it and even in his own heart he probably does not believe it. He thrives in capitalism, is rich and lives amongst the American Beautiful People, but the things he says about Republicans and conservatives are so vile, foul, untruthful and abhorrent as to only be the words of an evil spirit, a devil. Nevertheless, he is a hero to the Left, a civil rights icon who because he faced some discrimination once is immune from any cursory examination of his character. He is handsome and talented and loved, the essence of cultural hipness and a picture of a pernicious sickness that has spread across Western society, infecting a good one-third of our mostly clueless populations. 

The people who listen to and love the Harry Belafontes of the world – indeed Belafonte himself is one of them – were accurately described by Stalin as “useful idiots” who freely promote the values of Communism in non-Communist countries. They do the work of the Communists. Nobody has to blackmail or coerce them. 

Blacks were badly discriminated against in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, as well. Castro, Che Guevara and the Communist leadership considered themselves European, owing to their Spanish roots and seeing the blacks as mere slave chattel. But the Communists viewed Latinos as natural fodder for expansion, from the immigrant farm communities of America to the Mexican underclass and, led by Guevara, violent revolution in Latin America. 

The use of homosexuals as a means to “dilute” American greatness is very telling. The Communists did not want minorities, homosexuals or even intellectuals in positions of leadership. When “Marxist thinkers” began to develop a following, Stalin had them purged. The Communists realized that society needed strict discipline and order, generally military in nature. This left no room for the lame, the undesirable and in particular the homosexual, who were viewed as antithetical to order. What they wanted were for those they viewed as second rate and of low quality – blacks, Jews, Latinos, lesbians, homosexuals, the weak, the unpatriotic, the cowardly, the unimpressive – to promote Communism in America and to therefore dilute the strength of the United States. 

These methods can be viewed as mirroring the work of Satan, who seeks out the weak and the spiritually impoverished as his targets for hell. Of course, the average liberal reads this and thinks it Christian hogwash, which of course makes him the very sort the devil targets. At this point, there seems little reasonable, at least worldly, possibility that 

to plainly write such philosophical tenets will actually lead any large group of liberals to a change of heart. 

Then again, as the Gospel of Matthew so eloquently states, “With man nothing is possible; with God all things are possible.” 

At the end of World War II, Dwight Eisenhower wisely ordered camera crews to capture evidence of the Holocaust. Otherwise, he warned, over time these atrocities would not be believed. But while the Cold War was won, there was no Reims schoolhouse or Battleship Missouri moments capturing the defeat of Communism, complete with documentaries and trials convicting them of their crimes against humanity. The Soviet gulags are largely paved over by roads and shopping malls. The Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China between 1966 and 1976 is probably the greatest human tragedy, causing more pain, suffering and terror than has ever been inflicted upon human beings in the long history of people, yet there is very little visual evidence of it. The curious and the academic can seek out books on it, and read of its descriptions complete with statistics, but Ike was right; without the cameras it has come to be unbelieved. Certainly the Western Left does not wish to point it out, and would totally disagree that somehow the choices and politics they have adopted spring in any way from these horrors, yet the founders of Communism were once “nice liberals” as they think of themselves. Pol Pot was just an intellectual schoolteacher studying Marxism in France. When he became by historical accident the leader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, he presided over the death of 1.5 million people in a country with a small population. 

Liberals, left to their own devises, are capable of such horrors. Conservatives, left to their own devises, will write the American Constitution. Belief in God means one knows all they do and believe in their heart is known and judged by God, who they fear. Absent faith the atheist will believe anything. Thus can Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution morph into a theory that some people are inherently superior to others; that it is “humane” to end the lives of the lame, the homosexual, the colored, and the undesirable before they are allowed the breath of life. This is what leads to the gas chambers, the gulags and Planned Parenthood. Ultimately it is why millions of American blacks live in abject poverty and violence because this condition serves the most base, Machiavellian and never-ending purposes of the Democrat Party, the “protectors of the victim class.” 

A cosmic joke of Satanic proportions. 

How else to explain the Blacklist and McCarthyism? In essence, the Communists did infiltrate Hollywood. Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy. U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy (R.- Wisconsin) did not realize how right he was when he uncovered a “conspiracy so immense.” Yet the news media and the public schools have effectively managed to convince the dumb and the dumber that it was all a “witch hunt.” In the mean time, they have attempted to paint the Republicans as Nazis, even though Republican Nazis have not been discovered walking around on the Earth.  

The tactics of Saul Alinsky became the tactics of the Democrat Party . . . not to mention 

the tactics of the Church of Scientology. The Communist Party financed the anti-war protests of the Vietnam era. The Left took ownership of the victimhood business, from civil rights to feminism to gay rights to the environment. But this was all during the Cold War. The Communists had a national interest in disrupting or discrediting America. Soviet espionage may have reached its peak during the Reagan ‘80s. After the U.S.S.R. broke up, it is not coincidence that “global warming” became the new religion of the Left, used as an excuse by liberal governments to discredit, demonize and criminalize Republicans for any of a number of perceived “offenses.” The book burnings of Nazi Germany are now the silencing of any voices of the Right on campuses via protest, boycott or outright arrest. “Woke culture” simply turns to feces all it touches. “Red Emma” Goldman, who hated patriarchal men, would be its biggest cheerleader today. 

But the fall of the Berlin Wall revealed over time a new dynamic that perhaps can best be described as fiction come to reveal itself as truth. Take Hollywood, for instance. Despite being wildly liberal, on occasion the entertainment industry engages in random acts of truth that are too real for their own good. Take Patton, Apocalypse Now and A Few Good Men as examples. Patton screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola wrote the movie as an anti- war screed, meant to portray General George S. Patton as an unhinged military kook who needed to be reigned in by civilians. Instead George C. Scott infused the role with so much charisma that it is viewed as one of the great patriotic war films. 

In Apocalypse Now, Coppola tried again, but the helicopter attack sequences and equally charismatic performance of Robert Duvall as Colonel Kilgore again make this a must-see among military buffs, officer candidates and boot camp war jockeys. 

Then there is A Few Good Men, a cautionary tale of military power run amok by liberal screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director Rob Reiner. Instead Jack Nicholson’s courtroom diatribe is viewed as the essence of military forthrightness. Its message that civilians are far wiser than war heroes is largely lost among the warrior class who recite Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Jessup’s famed, “You can’t handle the truth” dialogue. 

But more to the point of fiction telling the truth are other works out of Hollywood. No Way Out (1987) featured Kevin Costner as a Naval hero who is positioned in a high place at the Pentagon. We eventually discover he is a Soviet mole, born and raised to infiltrate American society from within. This was not a fantasy; it was a real program. A similar movie called Little Nikita played to this theme. More recently the TV show The Americans demonstrates this scenario during the1980s. Homeland featured a Marine hero cultivated by Al Qaeda who manages to be in a position to blow up the Vice-President and many top political figures. This show apparently became too real for its own good. 

Its audience became largely conservatives who felt the depictions of “enemies within” America closely mirrored President Barack Obama. Like 24 it held nothing back; Islamic jihad was at war with us everywhere in the world. Conservative talk radio host Dr. Michael Savage so profusely praised the accuracy of the show and its tacit condemnation of Obama’s failures to keep America safe that in 2017 they decided to switch the theme of its main character, Claire Dames’s Carrie Mathison, from a CIA agent battling bad guys to a liberal ACLU type defending them against unfair prejudice against Muslims. This led the show to look weak, uninteresting, and eventually it lost its momentum. 

As for Obama, he had the effect of consolidating once and for all what this strange new post-Cold War “enemy” is. There are conspiracy theories regarding who and what he 

is. Aside from the “birther” issue, which despite liberal talking points never really was settled as an absolute, there is the “Obama as Yuri” theory, following the script of No Way Out. In short, this theory holds that Obama’s father, mother and probably grandparents were either CIA assets, KGB moles (or both), and/or plants of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

What is not in dispute is that from the age of five to the age of nine, Obama attended a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. One possibility as to why he was placed in such a school is that, if it were necessary he develop antipathy, even hatred, towards America, life in the U.S., where he might become a baseball fan, a Dallas Cowboys supporter or, God forbid, a Christian, would be too risky. Where better to learn to hate America than a Muslim madrasa? 

Of course this is followed by nine years of indoctrination from the man some say was his real father, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, who if America had gone to war with the Soviets during this time would have been swept up as one of the early suspects of Communist activity. 

Then there is Bill Ayers, whose ability along with his wife to freely walk around in America belies the general theory that people who attempt to blow up police departments and the Pentagon are supposed to be locked up. Ayers, as violently anti-American a human being as has been produced, was by natural construct a man of political influence in liberal Chicago, and thus decided (or perhaps the KGB decided for him?) that Obama was the future. Thus with Ayers’s help Obama launched his political campaign. A “hidden hand” seemed to propel him all the way beyond that, and the rest is history. 

But this thesis is not an indictment of Obama or accusation that he had Muslim masters, or that Russia, led by a former KGB man (Vladimir Putin) who if Obama was a mole would have been his “handler” to one degree or another (everything Putin could have asked for happened in the Obama and Joe Biden years; he was stopped at every turn by Donald Trump). Rather, it is an attempt to identify this new breed of Communism, for lack of a better word, since the Soviet Union dissolved. 

Obama and the great majority of the Democrat Party are people who have chosen anti- Americanism as their politics. There was a time when our enemies needed to bribe, blackmail or cajole American spies into doing their dirty work. Today, the American Left freely commits acts of treason benefiting our enemies, namely Islamic jihad. They do it without anybody asking them to do it. 

Obama-Biden’s insistence on a deal making it easier for our mortal enemy Iran to have nuclear weapons, not to mention the blatant payoff of millions of unmarked dollars given them, are just one of hundreds of accounts of actual, real treason Democrats have been guilty of since at least much of Franklin Roosevelt’s White House was run by Soviet spies. 

Whoever, or whatever entity, whether manly or an evil spirit, that has managed to see this despairing set of circumstances come to fruition might be the greatest political extortionist in history. It has been so subversive, so devastating to America, that it appears only the hand of the devil could achieve such a feat. 

Therefore, perhaps only the hand of God can defeat them. 

Is it possible that an arrogant, lying, narcissistic, ego maniac white businessman was chosen by God Himself to propel this victory over evil? The Bible tells us that such 

incongruous things are not merely possible, but have happened many times. The Jews were grave sinners, stiff-necked people who defied God time and time again, only to be favored by Him until His will was done. Their great King David was a sinful adulterer who placed the husband of his lover onto the battlefield where he would surely die just so he could carry on his affair, yet he was a servant of God, a spiritual man of faith who led the Jewish people to great victories. 

Jesus used sinners, prostitutes, adulterers, tax collectors and murderers to do His will. We are not sure if Mary Magdalene was a prostitute; she might have been. But a woman named Mary was an adulteress who was saved by Jesus and taught the world mercy, not to mention a new set of Biblical laws replacing the Old Testament. 

Saul of Tarsus literally persecuted and murdered Christians, yet was converted by Christ into becoming Saint Paul the Apostle. Many other disciples ran away and disavowed Jesus when he was crucified, yet after His ascension they were the ones allowing themselves to be imprisoned, tortured, even crucified upside down, as martyrs spreading the word to the Gentiles. 

So if a literal murderer of Christians can be used, so can Donald Trump. 

The world he confronts is indeed a daunting and evil place of sin. The Bible predicted that Christians would be persecuted. Islamists in the Middle East are wiping them out. These are the original Christians living and worshipping on the very grounds where Christ evangelized. 

As of this writing, it is Trump’s Supreme Court that may well, finally, overturn Roe v. Wade in a few months. Every effort the Democrats have made to destroy Trump and steal America is in the process of backfiring. They will have nobody to blame but themselves when in 2025, instead of saying good-bye to this man after eight years, they may well see him usher in another eight years, and eventually equal FDR as President over 12 years in all. 

Domestically, the predicament of the Democrat Party ushered in by Obama is not unlike the Palestinians, who Golda Meir once said would never have peace until they love their children more than they hate the Jews. The Democrats at least since George H.W. Bush and probably before that hate Republicans. Republicans have zero respect for Democrats. Democrats hate them more for not caring when they yell, scream and protest. 

Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the latest in a stupid list of ne’er-do-wells like Occupy Wall Street, despise conservatives. White conservatives do not care, dismissing them as dumbasses that chant for the death of cops. Frankly, if the KKK wanted to make blacks more stupid than can be conceived, they would have invented Black Lives Matter, not to mention rap music. The end result of all this is that the Republicans have more elected officials in America than any time since the Roaring ‘20s, or maybe even the Civil War (when the Democrats were the party of the Confederacy). Democratic strategist Daniel Schoen openly warned that if they did not make drastic changes, a mere 13 years after Obama’s election ushered in the prediction that Reagan conservatism is dead, in 2022 they will suffer landslide losses in the mid-terms. Between Biden’s incompetence and dementia; V.P.,Harris’s utter incompetence; and lack of any meaningful candidate or bench, they may lose in 2024 the way they lost in 1952, 1972 and 1984. The Democrat Party may disintegrate into something else. Something . . . Satanic and Communistic?

The left has indoctrinated almost all aspects of society. They have destroyed decades of racial advancements in favor of growing race and class warfare, extorting one ethnicity against another. They spread liberalism and secular fantasy in the public schools. They have taken over academia, where there is virtually no real free speech anymore. They 

have devoured Hollywood, and it is not a coincidence that the great films of the 1960s and 1970s represent an era of excellence that has been replaced by mediocrity. The Oscars are little more than slut parades and losers awarding themselves with the modern version of pagan idolatry, the Oscar statues little more than stand-ins for the Golden Calf. Government is staffed top to bottom with liberal bureaucrats. Government itself is their god, “global warming” their new age. 

Obama himself represents this new liberal, the kind who does now what the KGB used to have to blackmail people into doing. It would be better if it were discovered he were an actual mole of the KGB or Muslim Brotherhood. If so he could be prosecuted and, along with his wife, imprisoned for a few decades. Instead he has enriched himself. A free lunch and book deals complete with fawning ghostwriters awaited he and his wife from coast to coast and beyond after their White House years. 

Obama favored political Islam and within weeks of his Inauguration added $1 trillion to the national debt. If a mole like the Yuri character were to ascend to the White House, likely his marching orders would start out, “Bankrupt the United States.” This is not some kind of an opinion; it is absolutely what would happen. Art does imitate real life, as mentioned, and it did some years ago when a TV show called The Company placed forth as its premise, decades in the making, in which the 1987 stock market crisis was a Communist plot. In the show the KGB were dismayed to discover that President Ronald Reagan unleashed American capitalism to the point where it marked the 1987 crash as a mere blip in the history of capitalist prosperity. 

Obama spent more money in eight years than all governments since Christ walked the Earth, and doubled the debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Donald Trump added to it, yes, but slowed it down. Biden has us at $30 trillion. This is not sustainable.

The great question is whether God still favors us despite murdering 60 billion unborn babies, and whether the Constitution, the will of the American people, and the spiritual strength of this nation, is too great for a traitor to overcome. Overturning Roe might please God almost as much as when America ended slavery, ended the Nazis, and won the Cold War, although it is blaringly obvious after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Red China’s similar plans with Taiwan, that we are in a new Cold War. In essence, we are at a cross-roads of history, the kind Whittaker Chambers was adept enough to understand.

What we have discovered is that Satan uses different forms of attack. Call it slavery, call it an assault on the Democracies, call it Nazism or Communism; today it is harder to pin a phrase to describe it. Islamic radicalism seemed to be his dark army, but its allies are a more amorphous, hard-to-identify form of spiritual malevolence. Call it plain old anti- Americanism. This is an assault on old values and traditions, lies uttered in the public square, in universities and on liberal talk shows, that attempt to paint America as racist, homophobic, and immoral. Our victories and successes, as this theory goes, are ill gotten, stolen from Indians or other dark-skinned victims. This has been the Obama-Biden agenda, and while these theories were around long before the world knew who Barack Hussein Obama was, they now mark a major plank of the Democrat Party. To veer from these orthodoxies is to risk ex-communication from the religion of liberalism. 

Steven Travers is a former screenwriter who has authored over 30 books including the upcoming Best Sports Writing Ever. He is a USC graduate and attorney with a PhD who taught at USC. He played professional baseball, served in the Army JAG corps in D.C., was in investment banking on Wall Street, worked in politics, lived in Europe, and was a sports agent before finding his calling as a writer. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, L.A. Times, StreetZebra, Gentry magazine, and MichaelSavage.com. He lives in California and has one daughter, Elizabeth. He can be reached at USCSTEVE1@aol.com or on Twitter @STWRITES.