Dictionary definition of ‘female’ now includes ‘males’ who ‘identify’ as opposite sex

The dictionary definition of “female” has been changed by Merriam Webster to appease trans activists. Once defined as “adult human female,” the term now has a lengthy definition, including “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.” Gender identity, or that “vibe,” or “internal feeling” of being a woman has now linguistically and definitionally been conflated with biological sex.

The two concepts, gender identity and biological sex, could not be more different, as the former refers to someone’s feelings of how they associate based on gender stereotypes, and the latter is a designation concerning reproduction. But for Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the time has come to include males in the definition of females.

Matt Walsh, who recently premiered the documentary “What is a Woman?,” noted the change on Twitter, saying that the definition was changed to “appease the trans activists.”


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