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Fox News’ lead host Tucker Carlson is behaving like the discredited appeasers of Adolf Hitler in the prelude to World War II.The lesson of 1930s appeasement is that it does not work, does not gain peace, and leads to even greater tragedy. Today, Carlson is making excuses for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and his increasing threats against Ukraine. Carlson even makes the fantastical claim that NATO has “tormented” Putin. He implies the North Atlantic alliance bears responsibility for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a recent op-ed on Newsmax, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark took Tucker to task for his views, noting that “one would think a Fox News host would applaud and champion the pro-American Ukrainians.” Clark added: “Carlson has praised Putin before, and said that ‘for all his faults, [he] does not hate America …’” Carlson’s defense of Putin echoes the famous comment of the Britain’s great appeaser of the Nazis, Philip Kerr, the country’s ambassador to the United States later known as Lord Lothian. Lothian defended Hitler’s march into the Rhineland in 1936, a blatant violation of the Treaty of Versailles. He said the move amounted to nothing more than the Germans marching into “their own back garden.” At the time, Lothian served as Britain’s ambassador to the United States, and his defense of Hitler’s actions did much to bolster the German position at the time.

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