Desperate father pleads with his pediatrician ex-wife NOT to chemically castrate their son, 9, after she suddenly moved to California from Texas: Reveals footage of her raising child as a girl

A desperate father has been pleading with his ex wife to not chemically castrate their son after she moved to California from Texas

Jeff Younger, of Texas, revealed a video of his child, James, nine, claiming he’s a girl on Tucker Carlson Tonight. 

When asked if he was a boy, James told his dad in the video: ‘No, I’m a girl.’ 

The young boy claimed his mother, who is a pediatrician, told him he was female because he ‘loved girls’ and would dress him up in ‘dresses.’ 

Younger claimed his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, planned to chemically castrate their son by the age of nine, his current age. Chemical castration can be completed through injections, implants, or oral medication to stop sex hormone production, according to the Cleveland Clinic

‘My blood ran cold when I realized what she had planned for that boy,’ Younger told Carlson. 


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