Dershowitz Wanted A Trial Over Sex Trafficking Accusations — He’s Getting One


Last month, Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz proclaimed, “I hereby accuse my false accusers of committing the felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation.” As Paragraph 22 of a complaint filed today in the Southern District of New York put it:

Mr. Dershowitz now has what he claims to have been looking for.

For the last several years, Dershowitz has faced allegations that his best buddy and ultimate “Florida Man” Jeffrey Epstein — a billionaire who used his wealth to lure underaged girls into a sex trafficking operation — loaned out his victims to have sex with Dershowitz.

Boies Schiller, in papers signed by Sigrid McCawley, with assistance from Meredith Schultz, has now sued Dershowitz for defamation on behalf of Virginia (Roberts) Guiffre. Dershowitz has publicly called Guiffre a liar and extortionist based on the Epstein victim’s claim that Dershowitz had sex with her as part of Epstein’s scheme.

This isn’t the first time Dershowitz has tangled with Boies over the Epstein matter. Boies has worked with Guiffre and another victim, Sarah Ransome, since 2014. Combined with the work the firm did for Legal Momentum contributing to the shutdown of Backpage for facilitating trafficking and exploitation, work on behalf of victims of sex trafficking and sex abuse has been one of Boies Schiller’s largest pro bono commitments.

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