Dershowitz: Two Trials of Ghislaine Maxwell

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Ghislaine Maxwell is being subjected to two different trails with two different sets of witnesses. One is in the courtroom; the other is on the courthouse steps and in the media.

The trial in the courtroom accuses her essentially of perjury and of grooming underage females for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein. The trial in the media accuses her of helping Jeffrey Epstein traffic two adult women – Virginia Giuffre and Sarah Ransome — to numerous prominent men and women.

It’s the second trial that has garnered the most attention because Giuffre has accused Prince Andrew, Senator George Mitchell, Ambassador Bill Richardson, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, billionaire Leslie Wexner, Professor Marvin Minsky, real estate mogul Tom Pritzker, hedge fund operator, Glenn Dubin — and me. Ransome has named Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson — and me.

These media accusers have made the most serious and detailed accusations against Maxwell and Epstein, both under oath and in the media.

The obvious question arises therefore: Why is the government not using them as witnesses against Maxwell and why were they not included in the original indictment against Epstein.

The media should be asking that critical question.

The answer should be clear, to anyone who examines the evidence.

As to Virginia Giuffre, her own lawyers have disputed her accounts in recorded statements.

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