Dermatological symptoms may be the latest new coronavirus symptom


Pseudo-frostbite, hives and redness may appear with or without respiratory symptoms.

The novel coronavirus may cause dermatological symptoms such as pseudo-frostbite, hives and persistent, sometimes painful redness, as symptoms that affect the body outside the respiratory system continue to be found that may be associated with coronavirus infections, according to the French National Union of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV – skin and sexually transmitted disease doctors).

The organization received numerous reports of cases with these symptoms in COVID-19 patients. They may also appear without respiratory symptoms, according to a press release by SNDV.

A WhatsApp group of over 400 dermatologists has been organized by SNDV to discuss cases with these symptoms.

Last week, France’s Director General of Health Jerome Salomon was asked whether dermatological issues such as hives could be new symptoms of the coronavirus, and responded, “not to my knowledge,” according to Le Figaro.

He added, however, that not everything is known about the virus, “but on this dermatological aspect I have not seen any publication.”Multiple new symptoms have been discovered over the past month that may be associated with the novel coronavirus, some appearing even without any respiratory symptoms.


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