Dems — wink, wink — insist public reading of Mueller report not ‘ploy’


Here’s a riddle for you: When is a ploy not a ploy?

And now for the answer — when it’s Democrats staging the ploy.

More than 20 Democrats in the House are setting the stage for a 12-hour public reading of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia, in all its 448-page glory, minus the redactions, of course. Their stated purpose?

To get to the truth.

To get the truth to the American people.

To do the due diligence the American people both expect and deserve.

How honorable. Wink-wink.

“The #MuellerReport cannot be summarized in a tweet, headline or news segment,” tweeted Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, Pennsylvania Democrat. “This administration and its enablers do not want the American people to hear the contents of this report — but we have a responsibility to share the report in its entirety with the American people.”

‘Cause nothing says gift to the American people like another long-drawn-out waste-of-time from tax-paid humble servants, right?

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