Dems To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol COMBINED

The Democrats are fixing to fill the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – one of the most reviled government agencies – with more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, FBI, State Department, and Border Patrol combined.

If the so-called Inflation Reduction Act passes, the IRS would receive $80 billion, a 600% increase from 2021, where they received $12.6 billion.

It would also add an additional 87,000 employees — more than doubling the current IRS workforce.

“Those IRS agents are designed to come after you, they’re not designed to come after the billionaires and the big corporations. They’re designed to come after small businesses and working families across this country,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warned on Sunday.

“The Democrats are making the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, plus the Department of State, plus the FBI, plus the Border Patrol combined. This is a massive power grab.”

The Pentagon employees about 27,000 people, the State Department employs over 77,000. The FBI has 35,000 employees, while the Border Patrol has just under 20,000 agents.

“I introduced an amendment to say, ‘don’t create 87,000 new IRS agents’ — every Democrat voted ‘no,’” Cruz said. “They are bound and determined to try to ram this bill through.”


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