Instead of working for their constituents, Democrats are wasting another week on impeachment shenanigans trying to gin up controversy over a phone call transcript we’ve all already seen. 

While President Trump has shown unprecedented transparency, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff continue to dodge accountability by limiting Republicans’ access and hiding their proceedings behind closed doors. 

Instead of selectively leaking texts and hiding, Democrats should immediately hold an actual vote on impeachment, move their hearings into the public view, remove Schiff from his Chairmanship because he is a fact witness, and allow President Trump’s attorneys to be in the room to cross examine witnesses. 

On Fox News this morning, Leader McCarthy highlighted how Democrats’ actions are tearing this country apart.

 Watch: House Minority Leader McCarthy Slams Dems On Impeachment: “It’s Pure Political. They Have No Facts”

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: We now have the transcript. Had the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just waited 48 hours we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We wouldn’t be tearing this country apart. We wouldn’t be trying to remove this president. If she had followed her own directions like we have done in every Congress before, if she really thinks you should have impeachment inquiry, have a vote. Because do you know what happens then you? You have fairness. The same way Bill Clinton was treated, the same way judges and Nixon was going to be treated. The minority should have subpoena power. The President’s counsel should be able to be in the room, should be able to cross-examine. We should be able to offer some witnesses. Today what’s happening, she is taking it out of Judiciary. She put it with Adam Schiff… Adam Schiff is a fact witness…  because he met with the whistleblower. Nowhere in America’s judiciary does it ever allow a fact witness to be the prosecutor or the person in charge. 

Ahead of more closed door hearings this week, McCarthy went on to explain how the Democrats are not only limiting Republicans’ access but they’re also controlling what America gets to hear. 

Rep. McCarthy: Do you know who can be in the room? The Democrats control how many Republicans can go in the room, how many staff. And then what else they control is what America gets to hear about it. If you read the entire transcript of the hearings last week, again we would end this nightmare one more time. But no, they want to do selective text but not let everything else out. This is the problem and why she put it into Intel. It goes back to what Schiff has said every time before he has lied. He is the common denominator in all these failures in all these lies. Remember he lied about knowing more than circumstantial evidence. He lied when he met with Glenn Simpson. His staff went up and met with Cohen how many hours? And now, if you watch the tweets and what he did, he lied to the American public even on MSNBC about even meeting with the whistleblower. 

Stop the Madness. Democrats have no facts to back up their case. They’re just singularly focused on carrying out their political vendetta against President Trump.