Demonized ‘Submerged’ MAGA Voters Hiding From Pollsters, Undercounting GOP Support

With the years-long media and Democrat demonizing of the GOP, especially the Trump-supporting MAGA voters culminated by Joe Biden’s ‘semi-fascist remarks,’ and his dark ‘democracy’ speech, many conservative Republicans have apparently gone to ground avoiding identification, even from pollsters.

These ‘submerged’ MAGA voters will be significantly undercounted in polls leading up to the November election and beyond.

This is according to Robert C. Cahaly of the highly respected Trafalgar Group.

In a series of tweets, Cahaly stated that:

The 2022 Republican turnout will likely be higher than any of the polls or models are showing. All polls (including ours) will understate the impact of these ‘submerged voters.

Cahaly noted Biden’s demonization of MAGA Republicans has effectively put MAGA voters into hiding publicly and from pollsters.

Cahaly wrote:

… The Biden administration has essentially classified ‘MAGA Republicans’ as a threat to democracy marshaling federal law enforcement to focus on them. This move has created a new type of voter that will be even harder to poll or even estimate.

I call this new group ‘submerged voters.’ They aren’t putting stickers on their cars, signs in their yards, posting their opinions, or even answering polls.

At this point I think it’s fair to say that Biden’s pursuit of and attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’ has created an army of voters who will be virtually impossible to poll (even for us) and more difficult still to estimate.


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