Democrats say climate change caused wildfire explosion in the West. Did it?

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NOTE – When the earth warms, the climate typically gets WETTER, not drier. During the Eocene Epoch, when the average temperature on earth was a toasty 80 degrees, there were RAIN FORESTS everywhere, as far north as Alaska and as far south as Antarctica. Rain forests depend on rain.

California, in the middle of a 20-year drought – is experiencing more than two dozen wildfires, including three of its five largest ever.

Cal Fire, the state’s fire agency, reported Thursday that firefighters were battling 28 major fires across the state and more than 3.1 million acres have burned this year.

The sky on much of the West Coast has been painted an eerie burnt orange, and flames have left entire towns in dust.

Democrats lay blame on climate change.

“Mother earth is angry, she is telling us. Whether she’s telling us with hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is, the climate crisis is real,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this week on MSNBC.

“If anyone needed any proof of how disastrously and quickly climate change is affecting our globe, look out West,” Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters this week.


But Republicans blame decades of poor land management.

California Republican state Sen. Jim Nielsen and Assemblyman James Gallagher countered that the cause of recent devastating wildfires and blackouts “is decades of bad policy enacted by Democrats, not climate change.”

“The excuse of climate change cannot be used to deflect from the fundamental failure to address the fuels build-up in our forests that are the cause of these devastating fires,” they said in a statement. “These same misguided policy decisions have led to rolling blackouts and an energy grid that is falling apart.”

Others lay blame at those who sparked the fire – arsonists in Oregon or a gender reveal party gone wrong in California.

Experts point to poor land management, coupled with a population explosion and  dryer, hotter conditions.

Logging practices set the scene for today’s fires, according to Greg Giusti, forests and wildland ecology expert with the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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